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*Almost* textbook lazy scam job offer

This is an *almost* of the job email scam world. Let me show you.

from Kuame King
date 24 August 2011 07:21
subject Position available – ID _ (M13141674062393014610)..
Signed by

So far, so typical.
Insanely long job ID, rather than an actual title that might explain what the “job” is.
Sent from a Yahoo email address which bears no resemblance to the name of the sender. Perfect.
Sent to a Hotmail address, and BCC’d to one of my email addresses so I both get it, and know that it is spam. Textbook. Continue reading *Almost* textbook lazy scam job offer

Talking of scam job offers

Last week I mentioned that I’d received a couple of very dodgy job adverts in my email. Several of you have commented on that, since.

Last night I heard a show on Radio4 (itself a repeat of a programme from a few days ago) about the number of scam/fake jobs advertised via JobCentre Plus. While some of them sounded like obvious scams, some were less obvious or more elaborate.

They also attempt to set up an advert for a fake job, working for a fictitious company, to run on – the government’s free job search service.

It’s definitely worth a listen, if you haven’t heard it already.

Details/listen-link here:

This week’s bullshit job offer

Two days ago, I received this email at 8:48pm.

Subject: Find new work

“Good day.

We have found your resume on the site and paragoned your details with the demands
we take into consideration when looking for our staff. We are pleased to say that you correspond totally to
the vacancy we are offering right now.

The Nestrex Company has opened a well paid job offer with flexible working schedule.

Location: The UK

If you are seek a part-time job, please write us to:
Short resume attached is recommended.

Sincerely yours,

Sandra Moore”

I am on Jobsite. Hmm. Maybe this is genuine? Paragoned my details? There’s a series of words I’ve never seen in that way before. “If you are seek a part-time job, please write us”. What are they teaching kids in schools these days? Continue reading This week’s bullshit job offer

Gumtree Job Application

I’ve been looking for work recently, and I’ve applied for a lot of things.

There’s been a lot of timewasters so far, from scammers on Gumtree, to jobs on more-commonly-legit websites (Reed, Jobsite, etc.) which are not really jobs – but actually paid courses. “No experience necessary”, because they train you at a cost of several thousand pounds to start with.

I can’t remember what I applied for on this occasion, but this is what I’ve just received via email. I have not emailed the address who sent me this email, and they handily haven’t included my original message in the reply. Continue reading Gumtree Job Application

Are recruitment companies a total waste of time?

About 10 years ago, I’d quit a permanent job working in a very repetitive role. I went out to a number of recruitment companies, and after registering in person at quite a few – when my hopes had all but gone, I walked up the stairs of a branch of Randstad. They asked me what my Word/Excel skills were like, and I said something like “probably not great”. Continue reading Are recruitment companies a total waste of time?