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Yesterday something jumped off my lawn and into the pond, scaring my girlfriend in the process.
And it was a frog.
Or rather, several frogs.

Very odd actually. They’re actually smaller than some of the tadpoles, and a different colour.
I wondered for a while whether they might be frogs that have jumped from another pond, but there isn’t another nearby (as far as I know) so they must be mine.
I got the camera out tonight to try filming them, but they’re so small (smaller than a 5p piece), they’ve really hard to focus on. Plus my camera won’t refocus while it’s recording, so if they move (they jump, and swim…. very fast) then that’s me scuppered.

Here’s a quick video I managed to make anyway.

Building a pond – day 4

It’s day whatever of this never-ending task that I still haven’t completed.
Ponds are hard.
I consulted two people – someone who has worked in the building trade, and someone who is a keen gardener – and both told me that building a pond is “a lot of work”.

Still, I’ve started, so I’ll finish.

My girlfriend suggested we needed some oxygenating plants for our pond, before we put the tadpoles in.
Luckily her mum has a pond which had (spawn, and then) tadpoles in it, so we took some (plus some water) from there.

Oxygenating pond weed is hard to come by. I tried B&Q and several garden centres (by phone), and several didn’t sell it, but suggested Almondsbury Garden Centre. They seemed very friendly on the phone and confirmed a selection of oxygenating plants, so I went out there.
What doesn’t come across in the video (because I didn’t film very much) is how big the place it. MASSIVE.

The next video may be more interesting, as I’ll be attempting to feed the tadpoles.