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Why Twitter DM sucks right now

For the whole time I’ve used Twitter, I’ve had my account set to public, and had open conversations with other people. I’ve also had private conversations via Direct Message (DM), with close friends.

While we privately chat about all manner of things, sometimes this is used to send URLs between each other that we don’t want the rest of the world to see. We might be chatting a job offer I don’t want to advertise publicly, a website that is especially good or bad, but is only of interest to one person, or something that some might deem offensive that I know one good friend will find amusing. We might be discussing a radio feature we’re thinking about, or some part of an upcoming podcast. And this is where Twitter now sucks. We used to be able to chat away, share web links aplenty. And then Twitter made some changes, and it just doesn’t work anymore.

I’ll go “hey did you see this in the news yesterday?” and dare to try and include a link to a website like which twitter then blocks. And what does it block? Loads of stuff. And it doesn’t block it intelligently like Google Chrome does. It blocks it like a moron. Like the worst kind of Internet filter, randomly deciding that the Huffington Post (US) site is fine, while the Huffington Post (UK) site is too evil to be allowed. The Mirror is ok, the Metro is ok, the Daily Mail is ok, a website of my own that makes podcasts – parkandgardner.com – no? Why not?) Continue reading Why Twitter DM sucks right now

Twitter moan – why do no iPhone developers support Tweetpress properly?

I realise I’m one of about three people who this affects, but it’s irritating nonetheless, so I thought I’d write about it.

I use Tweetpress with Twitter to upload pictures. Tweetpress is used instead of yfrog or twitpic, to share images on Twitter, but upload them to your own WordPress website. I do this so that they’re on my own hosting, on my own blog, and when people click them from my Twitter feed, they come to my site. I know this has contributed to the visitor numbers here, which have been growing ever since I started this blog on this domain.

It creates a nice photos page, with a load of thumbnails of my recent images. Lovely.

The problem now though is massive lack of support. Continue reading Twitter moan – why do no iPhone developers support Tweetpress properly?

The Hunt for a New Twitter iPhone Client

A few days ago, Twitter released an update to their iPhone client. And ruined it. I don’t think that’s too strong – it has less functionality than the old version, and what is there – is more fiddly to get to. Yes it looks pretty, but it’s a chore to use. So it’s time to once again search for a new iPhone client for accessing Twitter when I’m not at home. Today I’m testing Twittelator free, Tweetings lite, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Echofon free, and Twitter for iPhone.

Continue reading The Hunt for a New Twitter iPhone Client

Some Blog Statistics

I’ve just been checking my Google Analytics statistics for this blog, and I spotted a couple of interesting things.

1. I got more visitors from Twitter than Google.

Last month – for the first time ever, more people visited this blog as a result of clicking a link on Twitter (web), than from Google. Only just, but still – that’s the first time that’s happened.

2. Sadly, this isn’t because I have a legion of followers.

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