Bakewell tart and pure apple and mango juice

I know that’s not an evening meal. I had my lunch today (sandwiches, etc), and then was surprised to pass what used to be a Somerfield store, to find it had been replaced with a Marks and Spencers. Brilliant.

Despite already having had my lunch, I stopped there anyway and bought some apple and mango juice (not from concentrate), and a bakewell tart from the bakery.
Very nice they both were too.

I wish they’d replace the rest of the Somerfield’s in the country with a Marks and Spencers. There’s two on Gloucester Road that could be got shot of straight away. In fact they could just replace the ones in Bristol. In fact I’m not that harsh. One of the ones on gloucester road. And I wish the residents would stop whining and get that big Sainsburys built too. Then I can stop shopping in that tiny Sainsbury’s MetroExpressDailyLocal..whatever it’s called.

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