Building a pond – day 2

This is like a mid-season episode of Lost. It could be called “day2”, or “the day not much happened” or just simply “Tuesday”.
In fact, it is quite difficult to see what I’ve done, on video.

After day 1, I was exhausted.
After putting the video online, I thought “this is really dull – nobody will want to see the rest”.
Yet, without me mentioning this project on Twitter at all, that last post got a surprising amount of views. In fact, it got more views than any prior iwantedparklife post.
It could be a complete concidence. Maybe it is just because the Twitter festival was about to take place, and my name was mentioned with the other ticket holders on their site.

Anyway here is what happened on day2:


It’s like digging your way out of a quarry. There’s no soil, just more and more bloody rocks.

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