Building a pond – day3

There’s been some debate about whether you technically “build” a pond.
Surely you “excavate” it, more than “build” it?
You’re taking away, mostly…..although I suppose then you put some things back in.
This is the third day of me digging a hole anyway.

As you can see, I’ve had a busy few days, mentally.
I had a sudden worry with all these huge “rocks” I kept finding and killing with a pick-axe, that one of them might be a water/sewer/gas pipe or something else important, so contacted the landlady to make sure there wasn’t anything running through our garden, before continuing.

Also, unfortunately it rained on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

On the upside, that means I was continuing the build on Saturday, when my girlfriend was there to help.
With me pick-axing, and her shovelling, things sped up infinitely (well, at least by 2-3 times, anyway).


And there we have it. There’s a pond in my garden. Currently without any water, filters, or animals to speak of, but a pond nonetheless.

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