Carrots, sunflowers, beans, and sweetcorn.

Apologies. This is just more pictures of the plants in my garden.

On the same day I made that flowerbed, I also planted some sunflowers (very much later in the year than they should have been planted). While some of my neighbours have ones over 6ft tall, here are mine at the moment:

Not bad for 3 weeks growth, though.

I also planted some carrots into a potato planter the same day (I was busy that weekend):

You’re meant to thin them by taking out the weaker ones, but I don’t know where to start as they’re all looking about the same.

Some of my plants are doing better than others.

No idea what’s happened to my runner beans:



They were doing quite well, but then started getting eaten, and have now withered a bit.

Have started again in a different area, with different plants:


Maybe those will last better (although something has started eating the leaves on the right already, and they’ve only been outside for about a week).

I think the runaway success is the sweetcorn.
Check this shizzle:

It’s big, and leafy.

And look what’s hidden under those leaves:



If you got some kind of gardening book, and looked up what sweetcorn should look like while it’s growing, that’s what you’ll find. Perfect.

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