Bristol Twestival 2011 – Buy Your Tickets Now

It’s Twestival time again.
If you’ve never been before, it’s a worldwide effort to hold a festival on a particular day, organised via Twitter, and raise money for charity.
Basically, it’s an excuse for a party. It’s on Thursday 24th March at the Slug and Lettuce, and there will be drinks, live bands, a raffle, and possibly cake.

PLUS you’ll get to meet people that you’ve previously only talked to on Twitter.
Tickets are £5 if you buy them now (early bird special price til 14th March) – and available from
You can win an iPad 2 in this year’s raffle.

You will almost certainly spend some time going “I recognise that person from twitter…” and yet not be totally sure who they are.
Last year, I didn’t recognise @Niteglow at all. He had to put some sunglasses on and look to the side, to prove it was really him.

He really does look like this
(Photo courtesy of Niteglow, himself)

Actually I *nearly* didn’t go at all last year.
This year, I’ve been to a meeting held by the team organising it.

What put me off last year?

The Twestival is a charity fundraiser. I’d not been to many, before.

A couple of years ago, I went to a comedy night at Jesters to raise money for charity. Jon Richardson was the headline act.
I was unemployed at the time, but I thought it seemed like a good cheap night out (tickets under £10).
We sat down, got some drinks, and were subjected to harrowing pictures of dying children for half an hour until the first comedian came on. They were pretty poor.

I think there was three acts before Jon Richardson. And an auction where people were bidding stupid amounts for (not-signed) DVDs of Russell Brand, and other shit.
I was pestered between acts to buy food, more drinks, roses for my girlfriend, then raffle tickets, then arm bands.
Jon Richardson wasn’t on until gone 11pm, by which point I was feeling a bit like I hadn’t given enough money, and was pretty tired.
He was still very funny.

Last year’s Twestival, I arrived (late – I couldn’t find the venue), walked in and was immediately greeted by someone.
I was expecting to be hassled to buy something, but was told IF I wanted to check my coat, I could do so at Y, for X amount, but that I didn’t have to. I declined.
Yeah – IN YOUR FACE added extras – I’ve paid my money to be here – I’m not going to feel guilty for not giving more.

Next up – cake.
“And we’re selling cake for £1 a slice”.
CAKE?! Hassle me into buying cake, will you?! Well….well…actually I’m quite hungry. And it does look nice. Yeah why not. I’ll have a slice.

Raffle tickets? Yeah they’re probably £2 each, and some crap I’ve no interest in, on the cards.
Oh..right..they’re £2 a strip, and I could win a PS3 (among many other lavish prizes).
I’ll erm..have a strip then….please.

And on the niceness went.
I didn’t get hassled to buy flowers, or armbands. I didn’t get hassled at all. There wasn’t any videos of death, or descriptions of illnesses. It was a nice night out with a few drinks, some live bands, and a lot of people checking their phones as often as I do, without any bad feeling from those around us.

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