Have You Seen Mr Cadbury’s Parrot?

I thought I’d contact a corporation with a rather important question, concerning this fine specimen of bird:


The bird in question used to feature on adverts such as this one:

So, Cadbury’s:


So far, I’ve got this back.

Hope they come back to me quickly. This problem is keeping me awake at night. Now, Chris Packham…

Update 28/04/11, 12:02:

I was going to leave this post there, but then I started thinking about how I’d word such an email to Chris Packham. I found an official website and Twitter account for him, but I can’t work out a good way of saying what I’m trying to say in 140 characters, nor could I find an email address for him.

So, I found the website for SpringWatch and submitted a question to the team, marked FAO Chris, as he seems the most likely person who would be able to help me.


Fingers crossed for a reply. The future of this bird may depend on it.

Update 28/04/11, 16:29:

I wasn’t expecting a reply this week, given it’s a bank holiday tomorrow, but then this is vitally important stuff.

It remains to be seen what the relevant area may say about this.

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