The End of BJS Productions

Be gone, evilness.

Hello readers,

I’ve got another website – – where I upload podcast versions of radio shows I’ve taken part in, or things I’ve taken part in with James or Stephen (the J and S). Don’t bother looking at it. Nobody does.

Me and Stephen have been working for a while to start getting rid of it. We’ve got rid of any mention of it from our twitter names, and any other names that can be changed, have been. It will hang around like a bad smell for a while yet though, because YouTube (and some other places) don’t let you change your username.

The name/site/content has got to change where possible though, because:

1. The name isn’t very good.

It was a last resort, when I was trying to come up with a name. I didn’t like anything much, and needed a name. BJS, it was. “Productions” got added, which is both long, and doesn’t really say what we do. What sort of productions?
BJS is one of those random collections of letters that isn’t very memorable. One of those things like DFS or SCS, that nobody can really remember. We sound a bit like a sofa company.

Riiiight. Yes. A sofa company, yes. But, also…


2. It sounds like a sexual practice.

BJS is actually just the first letters of Ben, James, and Stephen – the collective names of the people who make stuff for it. Me being a filthy-minded individual, when I realised I could make something that also sounded a bit rude, I couldn’t resist.

Actually, it went to a vote.
I sent James a text along the lines of “JSB or BJS?”.
He replied “JSB”, so I texted Stephen and asked him the same. “BJS every time”, was his reply.

While this started out as a bit of a joke, a friend of mine on Twitter asked at one point “are you *actually* selling blowjobs?”

We’re not, no.

So far, we’re a sofa company that offers sexual favours?

Gotta love the cougars

(Probably NSFW Cougar urban dictionary definition for “cougar”. I’d say it’s the worst choice of cat possible, for a range of anything that doesn’t involve older women and younger men.)

3. Nobody looks at it.

OK – not quite “nobody”, but near enough.

To give you something for comparison, in the last 30 days, BJS has had 41 visitors. This blog you’re reading has had 417 (and 2 of BJS’ visitors actually went via this blog). Some of those people will be me, for both sites. But even still – BJS is failing.

This is undoubtedly partly my fault. My URL in my Twitter profile points to this blog, which gets updated a lot more often than BJS. Because nobody listens to BJS’ stuff, I’ve got a bit lazy with uploading new things. I’ve got 8 episodes of The Music and Waffle Show which need editing and uploading at the moment. When I’ve done that little lot, it should give my sister something to listen to.

So, readers, help me (please).

The rebranding exercise begins.

BJS Productions is out. Gone. Forget about it. It’s dead to me.
What do I change the name to? Any suggestions?

Stephen wants to name the site, because of our GlossFM show. But I don’t really want anything tied to one specific show, not least because we have plans to do some non-radio stuff, and I can’t afford to buy loads of different domain names.

We’ve tried every combination of [animal]+”media” (e.g., and everything I can think of that features the word “podcast” – the domain names are all taken.

It’s going to be used for *mostly* podcast versions of radio shows, with possibly standalone podcasts (that were never on the radio). There will be occasional videos too, and they don’t really have a theme running through them, except that they will all have some connection to me, James, or Stephen. They’re mostly talk-based shows about everything/nothing, which feature very little music (we don’t want to get sued for using a load of copyrighted music).

Maybe something that we all have in common? I thought of that. We’ve all got hair. That’s about it. We don’t agree on comedy tastes (James actually finds Michael McIntyre funny), on sports tastes (I have no interest in sports), on music (Stephen likes Hip Hop, James likes Take That). We can’t even find common ground and agree which women in the world are the most attractive.
Apart from all liking radio, and all living in Bristol, there’s not much else of a common theme that runs through all of us.

Any ideas?

(Note: As of 29th November 2012, is now known as

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