Some Blog Statistics

I’ve just been checking my Google Analytics statistics for this blog, and I spotted a couple of interesting things.

1. I got more visitors from Twitter than Google.

Last month – for the first time ever, more people visited this blog as a result of clicking a link on Twitter (web), than from Google. Only just, but still – that’s the first time that’s happened.

2. Sadly, this isn’t because I have a legion of followers.

On Friday, I noticed that Frankie Boyle was trending on Twitter.
It reminded me that I’d half written a blog post in December, after I’d been to see his show in Birmingham – but that I’d never posted it.While everyone was talking about him, why not tart it up (a tiny bit) and post that review, finally?
It’s just the ongoing argument between Katie Price and Frankie. It’s not like I’m hijacking a keyword about an earthquake to sell shoes or something.

I posted, then tweeted that I’d written a review of Birmingham and Frankie Boyle. It went down *exactly* like this:

And I left it there. I then tweeted about everything from songs about vegetables, to Ed Milliband, to Google+.

Within the hour, I got a comment from somebody on Twitter, in reply to my tweet (the one with the Frankie Boyle+Birmingham link), which said:

Fair comment, really.

Someone I’d never spoken to before. I don’t follow them, they don’t follow me. I was slightly taken aback by this. Who the hell reads this blog?

Anyway, I replied back with:

Bit odd, but I didn’t think any more about it.

I’ve just checked my Google Analytics, and it turns out that on Friday 1st July 2011, 125 people viewed that Frankie Boyle post, and 1 on the 2nd July. That 125 is (I think) the most visitors I have ever had in a single day, for a single post. Just Friday, overall (for the whole blog, all pages), I had 150 page views.

As quickly as it started, it died. Nobody has read that article since.¬†Still, it shows the power of social media, I think. Maybe next time I’ll get them to a blog post I’m actually proud of.

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