The moment has finally arrived. It’s been going on for a while now, getting closer and closer, and it has finally happened.

As of right now, this blog has had as many visits in a month, as (home of mine, @lordhyperbole‘s and another guy’s radio/podcast stuff) has had in a year!

Proof? Fine!

Here it is:


Hooray for me (even with my higher bounce rate).

Well actually, there’s a few reasons I think why this blog seems to be doing better.
Here’s 5 (in no particular order):

1. I think (hope!) people appreciate the personal nature of this blog. While I write the content of both, this is done as me, and BJS is done mostly in the third person. Even with the people who don’t like this blog (there’s been a couple) – it has at least stirred up some emotion/thoughts.

2. I’ve lucked out with a few things on here. I’ve had an increase in visitors to this blog of over 100% in the last month. This is possibly due to me writing a couple of things about very current events, or things that were trending on twitter, and posting links to them, with the appropriate hashtag.

3. When I tweet a photo, it goes to this site. When someone views it, it counts as a visit. People like photos.

4. I haven’t added any new podcasts to BJS in aaaaaages. I’ve written a couple of posts, but the last recorded show/podcast we uploaded was 12th May 2010. Really, it’s amazing anyone is still visiting it at all.
In my defence, I’ve been busy, and a bit mentally strange.
And it takes ages to edit each show.
And our expected listenership is below 10 people (including me and @lordhyperbole).

5. Because I add more things to this blog, more regularly, some of those hits will undoubtedly be me.

What am I gonna do about this?

I’m going to bask in the glory that somebody seems to read the things that I write here.

Also, there’s meetings going on, and soon BJS will be no more. It will be replaced by a new site, with a new name, and (hopefully) more regular updates (and all the shows we’ve done since May 2010, which haven’t yet been edited/uploaded). All that should hopefully garnish some new visitors. Maybe another 1000 100 10 per month, perhaps?

(Note: As of 29th November 2012, is now known as

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