*Almost* textbook lazy scam job offer

This is an *almost* of the job email scam world. Let me show you.

from Kuame King madelineblankleyyt524@yahoo.com
to sadders1990@hotmail.com
date 24 August 2011 07:21
subject Position available – ID _ (M13141674062393014610)..
Signed by yahoo.com

So far, so typical.
Insanely long job ID, rather than an actual title that might explain what the “job” is.
Sent from a Yahoo email address which bears no resemblance to the name of the sender. Perfect.
Sent to a Hotmail address, and BCC’d to one of my email addresses so I both get it, and know that it is spam. Textbook.

But it goes downhill from there:

“Good day.
Our company is pleased to offer you a well-paid part-time job.
Location : UK
If you are interested, please reply to : loren4nzder@gmail.com with your contact details.
Best regards,

TripAdvisor Company”

WTF do you call that?
You were so close. The parts are all there, but you’ve fallen at the final fence.
Having sent it from a Yahoo address, obviously you tell me to reply to an equally unrelated-to-your-fake-name Gmail address. Any fool knows that.
You’ve signed it off from a well-known reputable organisation that wouldn’t be seen dead using a Yahoo address? Pfft. This is kids stuff.

Have you spotted what is wrong with it? Well, it should be written more like this:

“Good day!
Our companys has paragoned your details to offer you well paid-part time-job.
Location: United Kingdom of Britain
interested, Send CV details of bank accounts and vital statistics to kljuihdf jkh65@gmail.com

TripAdvsior Company”

*Marks as spam*

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