Growing: Tomatoes – FAIL.

Complete fail, really.

Plant purchased: 24th May 2011 (from B&Q).

This is what it looked like when I bought it:

And…well…there’s no completed date, because it’s been a big failure.¬†Today’s date is the 1st of September, and this is what it looks like now:

I must admit I’m not all that keen on tomatoes (except in ketchup). I bought the plant because it was very cheap, I wanted to see if I could grow tomatoes, and it stood out to me in B&Q, as it was the same variety I’d seen Monty Don planting the week before on Gardener’s World.

I pinched out side shoots as it grew, but probably didn’t keep it well enough watered. It did grow in size (I transferred it to bigger pots, twice), and got to a point of looking quite green/healthy, but just didn’t produce any tomatoes.

There is apparently two types of tomato plant – one knows when to stop producing leaves and start producing fruit/flowers. The other (that I bought) is for experts, and when it gets to 4 sets of main stems, you “pinch out the growing tips”. Probably should have read up on it (as I’ve no idea how to do that, or which bits to remove), and I might have gotten some actual tomatoes.

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