Weird Kitchen Stuff

This blog post by Graham Nunn about flawed logos by kitchen textile companies reminded me of a weird label I’d seen on something in a kitchenware shop, last year.

Here it is:

Attached to a sieve

Is Marisa Laurito a magician from the 1980s, who has branched out into cookware?

The thing she has in her hand looks like a cross between a soldering iron (another area she could target, perhaps?) and a shrunken turkey baster. But this tag is on a sieve?

I can see that to save money, you might have one picture that goes on all products. But in this case, wouldn’t you choose something like a whisk or a wooden spoon (or even a sieve!), more instantly recognisable as something used in cooking? I mean what is that thing? An oven thermometer? A screwdriver? Should it have sparks shooting out the end of it, or is this a good moment to utilise that lifetime warranty?

Even the angle she’s holding it at, is weird. And so close to her face, like a pipette in a school science class, that she’s about to squirt up her nose for fun. It doesn’t say cookware to me.

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