Surprise tomato plant

I meant to blog this a few weeks ago, but didn’t quite get around to it.

I tried to grow tomatoes this year. It went quite badly, as I’ve mentioned already.The end result was this:

So with all the compost, watering, transferring to larger and larger pots, etc., colour me surprised, when I spotted this growing in the garden, next to the compost bin:


A fully thriving tomato plant. No, I didn’t plant a tomato plant there. OK – it doesn’t have any tomatoes on it, but it looked a hell of a lot healthier than my own efforts.

I haven’t watered this area very much, and I certainly haven’t worked any compost in. It’s just ordinary garden soil, and poor quality clay stuff at that.

It just goes to show that if something is going to grow, it can do it with absolutely no human intervention.

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