Growing: Parsnips – completed

Here’s another post I should have written earlier.

Planted first batch: 2nd May.

These didn’t have the best start. The first batch were planted on the 2nd May, and none of them germinated. It was due to a combination of things, but I think it was mostly down to the fact that according to a few websites, parsnips don’t keep very well. The seeds I used were at least 2 years old.

So, I bought a fresh packet of seeds (which irritatingly contains about 300 seeds – so they will also get old and go past their best before I manage to use them all), which were planted on the 27th May.

So, more planted: 27th May.

These picked: 1st October.

Just over 4 months from seed-planting to edible parsnips. There’s been a smattering more of small ones on/off since that point.

Smaller than I expected

Note: I also planted a load more at the allotment on the 3rd July. They grew, but as the allotment isn’t that near my house, they were left in the ground too long, not looked after very well, and all eaten away by insects.

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