Shit Web Design

I’ve only noticed the wording of this recently, and coupled with the stupidity of the design, it really stands out to me now.


“ALWAYS clear the tick box”? What, every single time?

So instead of making people tick the box once if they do want to remain signed in, you’re making everyone who doesn’t want to remain logged in, untick it every single time they use it.

Despite this, you only remain half logged in anyway. Even with the box ticked at home, while it remembers my name and shows off everything I’ve looked at recently, every time I try and get to my account details, summary, recently bought items, etc. I have to put the password in again.

You could get around this “keep me signed in” nonsense by using Google Chrome Incognito, or Safari’s private browsing, etc., which then wouldn’t save any of your details or keep you logged into anything, but that’s not the point. It’s poorly thought through design.

I think I started thinking about this because I received a link to this “How to make your shopping cart suck less” thing this morning. While it’s a bit over-ranty in places (I don’t have a problem seeing tiny asterisks), they’re totally right for the most part. Go and check it out if you haven’t seen it already.

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