Airline Safety Announcements

I was browsing the web this morning, one thing led to another, and eventually I ended up watching airline safety announcement videos.

This reminded me that when I flew last (Nov 2010) with First Choice, they had a really really bad safety announcement. It wasn’t done by humans, but a video. And the video was bad. Imagine if a primary school made an airline safety video. That’s exactly it.

Or rather, this is it:

Thomson, First Choice, same company/video.¬†According to the video’s comments, they’re still using the same video now.

My holiday was a package trip organised through First Choice, and the hotel was clean and tidy, all First Choice staff I met were very helpful and pleasant, especially when some problems occurred (a mix-up with some food we’d ordered).

But this video? Gah. It’s just horrible.

This morning I tried to leave a comment on this video (which I was amazed to find had incredibly positive reviews by ALL commenters, only to be informed that comments were moderated. Assuming that my comment probably won’t show up, here it is for you now:

That’s what I would have put. We’ll see if that comment shows up, and/or they reply to it.

If you’re thinking I should have complained through more official means, well, you might not be surprised to hear that I did. On the return flight, they sent round feedback forms, and I told them exactly what I thought of their video. It still remains.

By the way, I’m not totally dead inside, and I’m also a massive hypocrite. This, I like a lot for it’s blatant unprofessional nature:

…although I’m not sure I’d like to fly with them, due to this Wikipedia entry listing safety concerns.

I think my favourite bit is “put it over your nose and mouth, and breath normally” read by someone who is doing a bit of a cheesy Smashie and Nicey-style voice, so clearly isn’t breathing normally.

Update 12/01/12

Well consider me surprised. My comment has shown up. And someone else has already replied to me saying

“well ur just no fun u or ur girlfriend”

Argh. Pet hate #4553 – people who use shortened txt-spk words, when there is clearly no reason to do so.

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