Mice, head-butting and weird stalkers

So that was my experiences while asleep last night.

First dream, I’d swear I heard scuttling. Not just like one little mouse, but loads and loads. I grabbed my phone, pushed the home button (so it would light up), and filled half the room with the glow it emits. The noise stopped. No idea what that was.

I don’t think I’ve got mice, there’s no evidence of it whatsoever. BUT, every time so much as the wind blew outside, I was up and alert, mice hunting. When part of my duvet slipped and touched a bit of my leg it hadn’t previously been touching, I was awake again.

At some point this changed, and I stopped dreaming about mice, and started dreaming about some horrible party I was at. Someone kept getting in my way, and for some reason I had to head-butt them. Anyone who knows me in real life will know I’ve never hit someone in the face with anything, let alone with my own head. It didn’t even hurt.

Weirdly, it wasn’t just the horrible people that were freaking me out. It was in some grand manor house and gardens, and this weird guy had started following me everywhere. He must have passed me and shook my hands about 8 times, and when he went for the 9th, I pushed him into a room and locked him in there away from me. Then I did the ‘done and dusted’ type of hand movement that people do in bad 80s comedies, and woke up.

Either way, one of the worst night’s sleep I’ve had in a while.

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