Twitter bug? Or deliberate?

I’ve been having a slight issue lately with Twitter web. It’s basically as follows.

When you go to a twitter user like (and obviously Twitter redirects to!/benpark), you get a message that says:

…instead of showing you my recent tweets. It’s not because I’m mega popular (or unpopular), because it does it with every one I try to look at. I’ve tried a number of different – both normal folk and mega popular celebrities. Same problem remains.

And yet, despite loading taking a while (so long it gives up) because the site is over capacity, if I log in to Twitter web, and load the page again, then it goes from this:

to this:

Miraculously fixed in an instant. Is this a deliberate annoyance to make you log in? This is annoying to me because I don’t use Twitter web. So every now and then, when I’m reading Twitter from inside Echofon or another Twitter client, and some idiot puts in a link to a full Twitter profile instead of just writing @username, OR I’m searching in Google and it throws up a Twitter profile page in the results – I get this stupid error until I log in again.

Is it just me experiencing this? Well it isn’t, because I found a few pages like this: – but only people saying to contact support, not any mention of whether or not support fixed it (can find no mention of this problem in the help pages).

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