Unemployed man seeks room in Bristol

Short version:

Unemployed man, 29, seeks room to rent in Bristol up to £275 per month (excluding bills/council tax).
If anyone can help, please contact me on twitter @benpark or email <link now removed due to spam>

And now the longer version:

I haven’t always been unemployed, and don’t intend to be forever. Currently though, I don’t have a job, and so am claiming benefits, while looking for work and also looking at starting my own business.

My credit history is fine, and I haven’t paid a bill late in years.

I’m looking for somewhere ASAP, as I have split up with my girlfriend and need to move from the flat we currently share together. This also means I have no notice period to give, so can move straight away.

About me: I’m 29, I don’t smoke, and don’t drink (well not regularly – the occasional one, maybe at New Year). I’m quite quiet and clean, and generally keep myself to myself really. I like the normal things like watching TV, films and a bit of gaming (though I’m not very good). I’ve got a reasonably eclectic taste in music, which means when you ask me what music I enjoy, I’ll instantly forget every song I own and be lost for words.
When I have more money the only places you’d find me in Cabot Circus are the cinema, crazy golf course (though it isn’t very good), or the Apple store looking at products I still can’t afford.

As far as areas-of-Bristol-to-live-in go, I’m not entirely sure. I like Redland/Westbury Park/Henleaze/Bishopston/St Andrews. Realistically though, I’m not sure I can afford such areas, so am open to most parts of Bristol really. I like areas with some trees/birds, and don’t really mind how close (or not) to the centre I am, as I don’t spend a lot of time there. I currently have a car, so if it has some on-street parking available, great. I’m not expecting guaranteed spaces or anything though.

I guess I’d like to live with people who are non-smoking (or who at least don’t do it in the house), reasonably tidy (but not anally so) and are relatively laid back. I’m past the late-night party stage (if I was ever there), so preferably nobody too noisy. I’m quite a fussy eater and not much of a cook so I might not be that useful if shared meals is your thing, but I can make a reasonable victoria sponge so might be handy for the dessert.

If anyone has got this far, hasn’t run a mile and has a room to rent, please get in touch.

Note: Due to my unemployment, I can only pay up to £275 pcm or thereabouts (excluding bills and council tax). If it is an “all-bills-included” type of arrangement, the tenancy agreement will need to break down how much is rent, how much is council tax, and how much is ‘other’ bills.

If anyone can help, please contact me on twitter @benpark or email <link now removed due to spam>

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