Open with Internet Explorer?

Scam/virus failure.


Just received this. Picked up by Gmail as obvious spam/non-wanted-mail and filed thusly.

An email like this, “from” a domain name that I own? How odd is that of the spammer/virus, to spoof my own domain? Pretty much guarantees that no matter how stupid I am, I would know the sender isn’t real.

And “open with Internet Explorer”? Is this what viruses have come to these days? Obviously doesn’t work on a Mac (as I don’t have Internet Explorer) but a browser-based exploit (presumably) which is advertised in such a way that it needs to tell you to open it with a specific affected browser? I can’t decide if – for the average user – that’s a massive clue that it’s not legit (and so would put people off opening it), or really does work to increase the uptake of people opening it, by asking them not to open it in Firefox/Chrome (which presumably it wouldn’t work on).

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