Two curtains, temporarily adjusted with some sewing. Guess which I did first.

For anyone that cares, the curtains which came with the room I’m renting are so long that they drag on the floor. Not a little bit either – about 30-40cm worth. They also hang right over the only radiator in the room, which I’d like to put clothes next to (for drying purposes) and/or to heat me, instead of just warming the curtains.

I’ve folded them in half and sewn them at the top (inside) because although that means I get the wrong side showing indoors, if I folded them the other way, over time one half (the bottom half) would get faded by the sun, and the other half wouldn’t….and then they’d look stupid/damaged/etc. and I’d get charged out of my deposit.

Also, the curtains are very thin, so doubling them stops the sun coming through. Sorta. This is possibly the most dull post I’ve ever done.

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