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The Death of DAB at (My) Home

pic of my old dab radio

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with DAB ever since I discovered it.

I loved the added choice in radio stations, but hated that I needed a second aerial in the car, and that having it required a different radio, with severely limited choice of models. Even now in 2014, there’s not much choice if you want an in-car DAB radio with bluetooth.
Look for a radio with cd, usb input, bluetooth, etc. and there’s plentiful choice. But add those three letters of D-A-B, and it becomes all the more awkward.

Still, it was always good at home, right?
Well, yes and no. Continue reading The Death of DAB at (My) Home

The End of BJS Productions

Be gone, evilness.

Hello readers,

I’ve got another website – – where I upload podcast versions of radio shows I’ve taken part in, or things I’ve taken part in with James or Stephen (the J and S). Don’t bother looking at it. Nobody does.

Me and Stephen have been working for a while to start getting rid of it. We’ve got rid of any mention of it from our twitter names, and any other names that can be changed, have been. It will hang around like a bad smell for a while yet though, because YouTube (and some other places) don’t let you change your username.

The name/site/content has got to change where possible though Continue reading The End of BJS Productions

The Richard Report [part 1]

If you listened to the radio show I worked on with Stephen Gardner, that ran 1-4pm every Saturday throughout May, then you’ll know that we had a guy on our show called Richard Cook. He was working undercover in the Thornbury area to discover the wrongdoing, and help fight the discrimination and other ills in sectors of Thornbury County Council. Continue reading The Richard Report [part 1]

GlossFM Returns on FM

I wasn’t sure whether to do a radio show on GlossFM this time around. I’ve done every broadcast since 2007, it takes up a lot of my time (no, really!), and May is actually turning out to be a pretty busy month for me.

I was spurred on a little bit by the fact that there’s a listener who really doesn’t like me, and rather than give him the satisfaction of thinking that his complaining has resulted in me not doing a show (as he’s got the wrong end of the stick in the past, like that), I worked out a way around it. It’s a bit like the film Private Parts. The haters listen to Howard Stern for even longer than the people who like him. I wouldn’t want to disappoint our most devoted listeners.

My usual co-presenter Stephen Gardner really wanted to do a show, so he’s doing a solo show every Saturday 1-4pm throughout May, on which I occasionally pop up. One week I might be there, one week I might not. I’ll still be helping on the production of the show, but I might not be there for all the live stuff. You’ll hardly even notice I’m missing. Probably.

If you’ve never heard Stephen, he has an impressive voice that is popular with the ladies, and some people mistake for Australian. He sounds like he’s putting it on, but I’ve known him for 10 years, and he always talks like that – so if it’s not his real voice, I think the joke’s on him by this point.

GlossFM, which has been broadcasting online for ages, returned to FM this week. If you’re in the South Gloucestershire area, you can listen on 87.7FM. If you’re not, for this whole month, you can listen from anywhere in the world, at When they stop broadcasting on FM, you can still listen online as they now broadcast all-year round (although the rest-of-year broadcast is UK-only).

So, that’s: Stephen Gardner – 1-4pm GMT – GlossFm – every Saturday (throughout May).