Las Iguanas, Bath

Last night, I went to Las Iguanas for the first time. A member of staff asked if we were celebrating anything, early on. And we are. My girlfriend’s birthday.
We didn’t think anything more of that conversation,

and then we got this free between main and dessert.
It was very tasty – we might order that if we come back again. But what is it? We scoured the menu and couldn’t find it.

Me: “That was delicious – what was it?”
Staff: “Oh – it’s actually from Sainsburys”

Bit awkward. Hats off though – it was a nice gesture. More than earned a tip with this and the rest of their friendly attentive service.

P.S. Also, good having a menu that is probably 50% vegetarian (there is a full A4-sized vegetarian menu that is the normal menu with meat ones removed). Enormous amount of options for my girlfriend while I can still have meat aplenty.

Readability vs Instapaper vs Pocket + Kindle

For the last month or so, I’ve been trying out some read-later type services. I’ve been a user of Instapaper for ages, but a few things made me start looking elsewhere, coupled with just wanting to try out some rivals.

A few months ago I bought a Kindle, and one of the things I thought might be nice, is that I could save articles during the day (mostly from what people are discussing on Twitter) and then get the service to send it directly to my Kindle – basically providing me with a daily digest of stuff I didn’t have time to read fully when I saw it to start with.
I start work early, can’t really use my phone while I’m at work, but then finish early. So a nice daily personalised newspaper delivered early afternoon would be perfect. Continue reading Readability vs Instapaper vs Pocket + Kindle

Salou, Spain – Part 5

Wednesday 23 October

It’s Wednesday, and we’re going to Barcelona. That sadly, requires a 7am alarm clock, to be out the door by 8am, to catch an 8.40 train, which gets into Barcelona at 10.20.

I had a bit of a dry throat on the way, so drank a bit of liquid, which was a mistake, as by the time we reached Barcelona, I was preoccupied by where the nearest toilet might be.
Continue reading Salou, Spain – Part 5

Salou, Spain – Part 2

Sunday 20th October

After a long lie-in and a leisurely breakfast, I went and paid €10 for the Internet for 3 days. O2 will let me roam here, but it only offers 15mb data for that. 15mb? I’m not sure that’s enough even just for a bit of online research, this blog, and twitter. The Internet will be useful to find information about travel, and use Tripadvisor for restaurant reviews. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.
I’ve already managed to use it to save some money, by finding out about the train to Barcelona, which is seemingly cheaper and faster than the buses we’ve seen advertised, oddly.
And the bus company has an app with all the times, prices, etc. to different locations. That’s another reason why the Internet is absolutely required. And not just because I can’t go for a few days without it.

Noisy trees

We went for a walk around Salou again, and while out, heard a lot of noise that sounded like birds. But unusual-sounding birds, going absolutely crazy about something.
It’s times like this I’m happy I have a camera which might not have the clarity of a digital SLR, or be particularly compact, but it does have a pretty good zoom.

Upon closer inspection, right up there at the top of a tall palm tree, Continue reading Salou, Spain – Part 2