Production Showreel


The following are examples of my audio-production ability. These are all samples of radio sketches which have been edited by me, using a combination of Adobe Audition (on Windows) and Amadeus Pro (on Mac).

Everything featured here is recorded in one room. Only two (identical) microphones were utilised Рany apparent use of a telephone, is added in post production, along with sound effects for wind, street noise, waves or anchors being dropped.

(This showreel last updated: June 2011.)

If you would like to download just the audio, you can, by clicking here.

All the voices featured are produced by either Stephen Gardner or Ben Park. A clip of ex-chancellor Alistair Darling also features.

The Only Way is Bradley Stoke

“The Only Way is Bradley Stoke” (or TOWIBS, as it is sometimes known) looks past the glamour, following the lives of the completely real non-fictitious characters who live in the small town of Bradley Stoke, South Gloucestershire.

The most recent episode we’ve produced is this one (originally broadcast on GlossFM on 27th November 2011):

The Only Way is Bradley Stoke – series finale by benparkuk

It stars Ben Park as Huw and Ricky; and Stephen Gardner as Joey, Harry Stylish, Don, and the race announcer. It is narrated and edited by Ben Park.

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