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Rome – Part 2

Saturday AM

I’ve just overheard some people in our hotel discussing the tourist tax. This isn’t some sort of political term. Rome has an actual tax on tourists, variable depending on how nice a hotel you’re staying in. There is a sign in the lift of our hotel saying we’ll be charged €2 a day, per person, for being here. I think it goes up to €5 a day per person in the expensive hotels. You pay it when you check out, in cash, which certainly doesn’t sound dodgy. At all. Continue reading Rome – Part 2

No Milk This Morning

I typically get up for work a couple of hours before my girlfriend. This morning, I got up to discover there was only enough milk for a cup of tea each (we would normally both have cereal as well, at our respective breakfast times). So I had my tea and toast for breakfast, and sat down and wrote my girlfriend a short note about all of this. I’ll save you the hassle of trying to read my spider-scrawl handwriting (which is even worse at 5.30am), and type it up for you now. Continue reading No Milk This Morning