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Chocolate roulade. #Success

Chocolate roulade. #Success by benparkuk
Chocolate roulade. #Success, a photo by benparkuk on Flickr.

And here’s another picture, that maybe might be better:

It looks like a swiss roll, and tastes like a very light almost-melt-in-the-mouth sponge cake. I didn’t get the cream very even. Probably could have done with a bit more. And I ate some of it with a spoon before it even reached the roulade (sorry). The recipe is one of Mary Berry’s, and is available on the BBC’s website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/chocolate_roulade_79152 – if you fancy making one.

It’s quite an expensive dessert to make, especially if, in the case of this one, you use Green and Black’s fairtrade 70% cocoa chocolate, and Yeo Valley organic double cream. Was £6 just for those two ingredients. Still, tastes delicious, and it’s quite big. It’s designed to serve 8.

Second warning: serves 8. And it probably does. It’s surprisingly filling for something made from mostly eggs and air.

Mr Kipling’s Country Slices

This isn’t really a meal as such, but it is food-related, and a general wondering of mine.
How come that ‘Mr Kipling’s Country Slices, baked with currants and sultanas’ are suitable for vegetarians, BUT ‘Mr Kipling’s Manor House’ cake, (which is exactly the same as the slices but in one large cake, as far as I can see) isn’t.

Actually, WHY isn’t really the right question. I know WHY.
‘Manor House’ has animal fat in it, but ‘Country Slices’ don’t. Very odd.

Talking to my sister (along with my girlfriend, also a vegetarian), I’ve discovered things like this before. Fizzy cola bottle sweets have gelatin in. BUT fizzy cola-flavoured laces (the same product, different shape) don’t.

Sometimes I wonder what the manufacturers are thinking when they make these things. I might write to Mr Kipling about the cakes and ask him.

The ‘Cinnabun’ at Parsons Bakery

A while ago I discovered a new cake available at Parsons Bakeries around the Bristol area.

It’s called the ‘Cinnabun’ and is very very filling and probably full of calories. I couldn’t eat one every day that’s for sure.
It consists of a type of sweet cream cheese, atop a Chelsea bun, and with cinnamon in the middle.

Here’s a picture of one that I took. It didn’t travel very well between the shop and where I took the picture.

Much as I loved these, after several months they seem to have disappeared completely from all the local stores. I’ve asked in several and they’ve never even heard of them.

After Googling and finding no website for the bakery in question, using the power of Companies House, I tracked down the registered address for the bakery head office and sent them a letter.

The letter read a bit like this:

Quite nicely, they wrote back to me:

I was quite pleased with the outcome til a friend of mine suggested they haven’t answered the question of whether or not the product will be returning.

I had my fingers crossed they might send me some vouchers too or a free cake, and that didn’t materialize either. Ah well, it was nice of them to reply.