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Ciao Burger – chicken burger

Last night after my radio show, I broke the habit of a lifetime (well…of the last year or so anyway) and didn’t go to a Miss Millies for a fast-food dinner.
Instead, I thought I’d try an alternative local fast-food outlet called Ciao Burger.
I’ve heard good things about this place from various people – one of them was one of my housemates.

I entered Ciao Burger and queued behind a woman who may have been drunk. I think it was English but it wasn’t really understandable. She wasn’t talking to me though, so what did I care.
I gave my order of chicken burger and chips – price around £4.20ish from memory – ever-so-slightly more expensive than Miss Millies, but not a deciding factor in future visits.

It’s at this point I realised I was quite bored and tired.
I was straining to hear the radio, which considering it was playing Radio1, was surprisingly good. Mark and Lard got mentioned a lot, and apparently Colin Murray was going to be having Mark Radcliffe on as a guest later on. Mark and Lard leaving Radio1 is about the same time I stopped listening to it to be honest, so this sounded like it would be interesting.
Apparently it was going to be on “soon”, and like I say, I couldn’t really hear it well enough to linger around the takeaway for the whole thing.

Now I know I’m meant to be trying to eat better, and that was the purpose of me going to Ciao Burger tonight, BUT if doing so meant missing a good radio show, I’d gladly accept Miss Millies instead, purely on a speed-basis. Maybe this is part of my diet problem.
Sadly, everything in Ciao Burger seems to be cooked fresh, so while it might taste nicer – it wasn’t fitting in with my then-ethos of “get out quick and put the radio on at an audible level”.

Shortly after (but it seemed like longer), my food was ready, and after a member of staff assured me I would be back and I’d love their food (I guess he knew from how I read each and every poster for every local music venue in there, that I hadn’t been in before), I left with it.

Home, and I’m slightly uncomfortable about the amount of salad that’s in this.
What I wanted was a chicken burger with barbeque sauce.
What I didn’t really want was half a lettuce, half an onion and possibly some more vegetables all crammed in there.
The chicken is a lot nicer cooked, it’s not coated in all the spices and stuff, which is a shame – but I have to admit it tastes fresher, and.. alright I’ll admit it – the chicken tasted nicer.
I ate about 1/4 of it, before I decided to remove the lettuce and onion as they were spoiling an otherwise-perfect takeaway burger.
The chips were cooked – which is an improvement on how shockingly bad Miss Millies was last week (the reason I was here tonight), but they were so salty I was forced to have a drink with my meal. They’d included an extra unopened salt sachet in with it too, just in case I wanted even more.

So overall, I suppose it is better. Healthier. Although with more salt.
That said, I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet. I still prefer banana flavouring to actual banana. Really, I want the same old greasy chicken burger I used to have – but cooked better. I’ll probably just take a detour next Thursday and go to a different Miss Millies.