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BT Yahoo Email – odd wording, isn’t it?

I get my broadband (if you can call it that.. 3mb (on a good day), 2miles from the city centre ffs!) from BT. I didn’t want to but Virgin Media don’t cover my street, and the local BT exchange is over 2km away, for some reason, making every ADSL provider as crap as each other for me.

With my package from BT (one of the 5 billion different packages they do, which change every 6 months or so, as part of their ongoing complexity pledge), I get:

  • Free evenings and weekend calls (which I don’t use);
  • Fined if I don’t make a minimum number of calls every month (I’ve been fined a couple of times);
  • Some sort of inclusive VoIP tie-in (given I don’t use the actual calls, I’m far too lazy to bother looking at what VoIP calling entails);
  • Ability to use other free wifi at BT Openzone and BT Fon access points (I have never managed to get Fon to work, and O2 include free wifi with my mobile anyway). However, to use Fon, you have to allow other BT Broadband customers to use your router to get online (which is how Fon offers it for free), and I’ve got a shit enough speed as it is, without letting other people piggy-back off my connection; and
  • BT Yahoo Webmail.

I don’t use the Yahoo webmail, obviously. Who uses Yahoo mail? It’s 2011 for heaven’s sake. Surely the only people using Yahoo mail are people who set it up 10 years ago and can’t be bothered to change it.

Why would I want another email address to bother checking? What if/when I change providers? Who wants the hassle of changing their address everywhere?

I tried not to have the email address/account, but you have to have a BT email address apparently. A couple of days ago I got this email:

Continue reading BT Yahoo Email – odd wording, isn’t it?

*Almost* textbook lazy scam job offer

This is an *almost* of the job email scam world. Let me show you.

from Kuame King madelineblankleyyt524@yahoo.com
to sadders1990@hotmail.com
date 24 August 2011 07:21
subject Position available – ID _ (M13141674062393014610)..
Signed by yahoo.com

So far, so typical.
Insanely long job ID, rather than an actual title that might explain what the “job” is.
Sent from a Yahoo email address which bears no resemblance to the name of the sender. Perfect.
Sent to a Hotmail address, and BCC’d to one of my email addresses so I both get it, and know that it is spam. Textbook. Continue reading *Almost* textbook lazy scam job offer

This week’s bullshit job offer

Two days ago, I received this email at 8:48pm.

Subject: Find new work

“Good day.

We have found your resume on the www.jobsite.co.uk site and paragoned your details with the demands
we take into consideration when looking for our staff. We are pleased to say that you correspond totally to
the vacancy we are offering right now.

The Nestrex Company has opened a well paid job offer with flexible working schedule.

Location: The UK

If you are seek a part-time job, please write us to: sandramoore@nestrex.net
Short resume attached is recommended.

Sincerely yours,

Sandra Moore”

I am on Jobsite. Hmm. Maybe this is genuine? Paragoned my details? There’s a series of words I’ve never seen in that way before. “If you are seek a part-time job, please write us”. What are they teaching kids in schools these days? Continue reading This week’s bullshit job offer

Fat %$&*! sings!

For a while now, I’ve been getting emails from a website called “The Fatman” or “The Fatman sings”.
They look quite professionally done, but they’re spam.
I don’t recall ever having signed up for them, Gmail blocks them as being spam, and the link to unsubscribe doesn’t really work.
Their emails actually say “please whitelist us”, presumably as a lot of places stop it as spam.

According to their privacy policy:

Does Fatman email me loads of adverts and junk mail?
No, but Fatman does send you some adverts because that’s how the Fatman pays for the website and it keeps the Fatman from starving and it means Fatman can get out there and get the gossip for you! So, please look at the ads because Fatman tries to accept good adverts and does his best only to send you one or two ads per week.

and also:

If you have any queries regarding privacy or if you would like to raise any issues regarding our privacy policy, please e-mail us at privacy@fatman sings.co.uk. Please allow up to 14 days for a response.

Now, while attempting to unsubscribe myself recently, and getting a failure message of some sort, I assumed it had failed yet again, and I’d just have to go and delete more from the spam folder of Gmail every now and then.

BUT, to my shock and surprise, I received this email, shortly after my attempt:

From: Amanda Malyan | Marketing Source
I am now out of the office until Tuesday, 14th April 2009. If your enquiry is of an urgent nature, please email fin@marketingsource.co.uk or call the office on 0844 871 4750. This email is not being monitored in my absence.


Amanda Malyan
Head of Client Services

Marketing Source seems to be a company who stockpile email addresses and rent them on.
What a lovely idea.
At least I now have a contact, if I still continue to receive this junk. Someone I can moan to. It’ll make me feel better anyway.