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Mac Office Software Problems

Recently I got a bit fed up of NeoOffice (a special Mac-only version of OpenOffice). It takes ages to open on my iMac. Sometimes more than 30 seconds, just to open a Word file. Seems excessive to me, especially when everything else on my Mac seems quick/efficient.

And it doesn’t handle tables very well. It also occasionally decides it’s going to print a portrait page in landscape. There must have been more to it, than that, because I recently got a bit fed up and started looking around for an alternative. Apparently I’m a bit behind the times.

When I first got a Mac, while there was a Mac-version of OpenOffice, it didn’t seem to be well recommended from the reviews I could find. Instead, they all recommended NeoOffice, which is how I came to be using it in the first place. Well it’s all change. OpenOffice now have a proper decent Mac version. Continue reading Mac Office Software Problems