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Google+ birthdays in Google Calendar

Recently my Google Calendar notified me of a birthday. A birthday of someone I didn’t recognise. Slightly confused, given I didn’t actually put this in the calendar, I double checked who this person was. And at this point, I realised that my calendar is now importing birthdays from Google+.

Never mind – presumably there’s an option to remove this? A quick search online (using google, obviously), and I found just one solution, recommended by loads of people. The solution apparently involves going into your calendar settings, calendars, browse interesting calendars, more, and then clicking “unsubscribe” next to Birthdays. Easy.

Every website I found with a solution to stop these birthdays showing up is the same. And there are even screenshots showing how it works. But it doesn’t work for me. Continue reading Google+ birthdays in Google Calendar

Google’s iPhone App – Ultimate Search Test

The Google Search App that is now available for the iPhone, lets you (among other things) take a photo of something, and search for it. I’m guessing the idea is that you can take a photo of the Eiffel Tower, and it will realise that’s what it is, because 3 billion other people have already taken the exact same photo and posted it on Flickr/Facebook/Twitpic.

Recently, I was out walking with somebody, when we passed a plant. I asked “what sort of plant is that?” and they said “I don’t know. Maybe some sort of rose?”

This gave me an idea for a test. Can Google’s Search App correctly identify things like flowers, which may not be identical? Well after the last month or so, I’ve taken some pictures to test it. Let’s see.

Continue reading Google’s iPhone App – Ultimate Search Test

Google+ vs Facebook

I guess it’s inevitable, that when people start to tell you that you’re “taking over” the Internet, that means ‘all’ or ‘nothing’. Google and Facebook both have a lot of regular users, so with the launch of Google+, this obviously has to be a “Facebook-killer”, or whatever, doesn’t it? ALL or NOTHING, world.

It’s completely stupid, some of the news reports that I’ve seen about this so far. So, given that Facebook and Google are apparently in direct competition, I suppose I had better write something about the two. Continue reading Google+ vs Facebook