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Will and Kate vs Halloween gingerbread people

Sainsburys. Sorry, Sainsburys.

I spotted these the other day, and it took me back to an unhappy time at the end of April. Ah the Royal Wedding. The day I went for a drive on my own to get away from the unending rolling news TV coverage of two people I don’t know, who I’ll never met, getting married hundreds of miles away.

Well I’ve got some bad news for the happy couple. I don’t think some of their merchandise was as exclusive as they’d hoped. Just look at this. They’re not even pretending. They’ve clearly used the same templates more than once.

April 2011.
October 2011.

The bodies are the same. Even the lines. Pfft. There’s no pulling the wool over my eyes. There are some fairytale endings you can’t mask with icing, Sainsburys.

Inedible halloween corn

I was in Sainsburys the other day and was puzzled really.¬†Have you ever seen this before? I haven’t.

Not for consumption

Sadly my picture is too blurry even for me to read fully, but from what I can make out from the full size picture, in that green speech bubble it says:

“Indian corn is for decorative use rather than eating <something>. It’s used extensively in the USA during the fall (Autumn) as a traditional decoration”.

I still don’t get it.

You can’t eat it? Why can’t you eat it? Does it grow like that, or is it coloured somehow? How is it coloured like that?
If you can’t eat it, why is it in the fruit/veg section? Surely it should be with the other halloween decorations?
Do Sainsbury’s think we British don’t understand what “fall” is? If so, and you’re only selling it in the UK, why don’t you just write “Autumn” in the first place?
Is corn scary? Is inedible Indian corn, scary? I don’t think I’ve ever seen people put corn out for halloween. It’s pumpkins usually, isn’t it?
What happens if you were to accidentally eat it?