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What would you buy with a £100m lottery win?

This isn’t a problem I really have to consider at length. I haven’t won anything. But I did get asked this question in an online survey I was taking, recently. First it asked what I’d spend £1m on. That was easy. I’d clear my mortgage, quit my job, retrain and/or start my own business doing something.

But the next question was the big one. £100m! What would you spend it on? To start with, the same. Clear mortgages, etc. But it’s £100m! I’d never need to work again. I could clear the mortgage of everyone I know, and barely make a dent in it. There’s the old thing about giving some to family/friends, etc. but still – you would have a lot left.

So the next thing that came to mind was so odd, I thought I’d share it here. Continue reading What would you buy with a £100m lottery win?

Vacation, Vacation, Vacation and SuperScrimpers

I’ve had a few days of seeing other people produce relatively poor work. First, someone sent me a link to this page, which is all a video Samsung produced, which uses actors, masquerading as non-actors, to promote a product. My first thought when watching the video though, was “wtf is wrong with the sound?!”

My EARS! How does a technology company produce something that poor?

But what of the shows mentioned in the title? Continue reading Vacation, Vacation, Vacation and SuperScrimpers