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BJSProductions.co.uk vs ben-park.co.uk

The moment has finally arrived. It’s been going on for a while now, getting closer and closer, and it has finally happened.

As of right now, this blog has had as many visits in a month, as BJSProductions.co.uk (home of mine, @lordhyperbole‘s and another guy’s radio/podcast stuff) has had in a year!

Proof? Fine!

Here it is: Continue reading BJSProductions.co.uk vs ben-park.co.uk

Some Blog Statistics

I’ve just been checking my Google Analytics statistics for this blog, and I spotted a couple of interesting things.

1. I got more visitors from Twitter than Google.

Last month – for the first time ever, more people visited this blog as a result of clicking a link on Twitter (web), than from Google. Only just, but still – that’s the first time that’s happened.

2. Sadly, this isn’t because I have a legion of followers.

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