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Bush DW5FIIS Dishwasher Review

(Note: As several people have asked about the manual for this, I’ve photographed mine and uploaded it. See the end of this post for the link.)

I don’t tend to do reviews, but several people have asked me about this dishwasher I bought a few months ago, so I thought I’d do a bit about it here.

Phwoar. Exciting.

I’ve never been quite sure if I like dishwashers or not. When I was a teenager, I seem to recall my parents making me load ours, as a household chore. The biggest complaint I have with this, is that it’s completely unnecessary. Instead of stacking your plates on the sideboard, why not just put them in the dishwasher yourself? Then nobody has to load the bloody thing. As I’ve never actually owned one as an adult though, maybe there was something magical about them I wasn’t seeing through my grumpy-teenager-tinted spectacles?

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