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IM+ vs imo vs eBuddy – a very short review

Recently I’ve started using an external bluetooth keyboard with my iPhone occasionally. I’ve written lots as a result. Not all of it stuff I want to share publicly, but it is quite nice to be able to sit in the dining room and type away, without faffing about with extension leads to plug my laptop in. Or at a friend’s house at their living room table, without HAVING to bother connecting to wifi (what with 3G for occasional usage, built into the phone, etc.)

Despite how good an opportunity this is to remove distractions, I instantly started looking at MSN-messenger compatible clients to use with this new setup. It isn’t at the height of popularity it once enjoyed, but I still use MSN to talk to a handful of people. I went to the App store/Google, and these seemed to be three quite well recommended ones. So, here it is. A short test of each. Continue reading IM+ vs imo vs eBuddy – a very short review

Ubuntu Linux 11.04 Test

If there’s one thing I read a lot in technology news, it’s that the year of Linux is finally upon us. We’ll all be using it on our desktops and laptops within the week, I’m sure.

I read this article this morning, about how much time the writer saved by ignoring a Windows XP problem, and installing Linux on his wife’s laptop instead. Curiously, he chooses to install an old version of Ubuntu, rather than the current version. I’m not sure why. If now is the time to try out Linux again, why not pick the latest version?

Spurred on by this anyway, I downloaded the latest version of Ubuntu (11.04), burnt a CD, and thought I’d run it on my laptop. Continue reading Ubuntu Linux 11.04 Test