You have been invited to: Windows 7 Launch Party

I’m probably a bit late to the party (pun intended) on this one, but I couldn’t help but watch this video earlier, advertising launch parties for Microsoft Windows 7.
If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:
(Originally posted at Cabel)

So is it a fake?
According to this website, Microsoft are indeed having launch parties, and have partnered with another company to organise this.
They show a still of the original horrible video on that page.

Also, if you were making a fake commercial for something, that’s fair enough. Plenty of people have. That’s not too difficult with enough people and some half decent equipment.
But the Launch Parties channel on YouTube has loads and loads of videos, subtitled for different languages.
Much as I’d love to believe it’s some Apple fanatics that have deliberately made some fake Microsoft videos, the idea of them making over ONE HUNDRED seems a little absurd.

So that must mean that this IS a real video. Not just that one either.
THIS other video really does have a man utter the line “let me show them to you, then give you a chance to fool around with them yourself”. Begging for a porno re-edit, I’m sure you’ll agree.

So these videos, in all their shabby, badly-acted, really-tedious, long-winded glory, really are all made by Microsoft – the biggest, most profitable software company in the world? I’m still trying to take that all in. It can’t be, surely?

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