11th of the 11th

So it seems that according to the time on Twitter’s tweets, Lord Alan Sugar might have accidentally tweeted during the 2 minute silence today. After announcing that he was going to partake in 2 tweet-less minutes.

In fairness to Lord Sugar, I’ve spoken at least twice during the 2minute silence, in the past.

A few years back, I was in a call centre job. They didn’t mention the silence, I wasn’t entitled to a break, and when a call came through at the start of the silence, what was I meant to do? Hang up?
We had the fire alarm go off during a call once, and the caller couldn’t have sounded less interested when I told him I might have to go, as the building was on fire. Turns out it wasn’t. It was a drill. But I wasn’t going to sit there and continue helping him with his Internet problem, from a potential inferno.

I’d like to think the 999 call operators these days do two silences, so the ones working get a chance to take part.

But the worst one was when I was at college.
I went to college in Swindon, and one day I was running phenomenally late. To mark the start of the silence, some people fired a gun.
My first instinct wasn’t “oh yeah…today’s that day”.

My first reaction was to duck down, like I was cowering from an explosion. This was accompanied by “FUCK ME! What the hell was…”
At this point my gaze met with that of a disapproving pensioner, staring at me, as normal people went about their business, silently.
I tagged on a few seconds to the end of my own personal silence like a penalty that had been imposed.

Wonder if anyone reading this has done worse than shouting profanities in the middle of Swindon?

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