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Ok – this is slightly cheating as I only had a very small amont, and I didn’t even cook it.
But it is a great example of trying something and changing your mind about liking it.

I took a bit from the frying pan as a housemate’s girlfriend was cooking some and invited me to try some. The first bit I would say almost tasted like a cross between potato and parsnip. I like both of these things, so that should be good. Wasn’t sure about it though really.
I got on with my usual Monday night cooking-something-easy-because-I-can’t-be-arsed-after-work thing. Chicken pie and chips. Except I didn’t really have enough oven chips so I rummaged through the freezer and found some Mccain Smiles.

There’s never enough gravy in the pie for all of this, so I made up some extra Bisto to go with it.
By the time I’d finished cooking all this, my housemate had eaten what they’d been cooking, but had a bit of squash left over. She said I could have some with my meal, and as it was lacking a bit in vegetables (there are some in the pie though!), I took the opportunity for a second try at it.
I ate the first bit on it’s own but already it tastes a bit less like potato/parsnip and a bit more like something else. Something I didn’t really like. Regardless, I ate it with chips, and some with some pie, and ate the majority of what I took.
Might have it again at some point.