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The Package Trip – Day 6

Up early, but not early enough. We missed the bizarre land train by minutes. Balls.
Turns out the stop is substantially further from our hotel than I thought.
My girlfriend had already told me this apparently.
Might have another go tomorrow.

After a quick trip to buy some bread, we caught the bus to Es Canar, home of the famous hippy market. Literally everyone bangs on about it. It’s on every poster which mentions Es Canar. They’ve clearly never been to Glastonbury – all manner of hippy tat available there.
Luckily it wasn’t on, but what we hadn’t realised is that there isn’t much else in Es Canar. If where we’re staying is Tenby, Es Canar is Brean. There’s a few shops, a fairly average beach, and more British chavs than you can shake a stick at. That’s it.
We decided to walk up the coast a bit. Then a bit more. Then round some cliffs. Then a bit further.
We bought a couple of lemonades and some cake on a beach. Then walked a bit more.
We walked further than any human should, in sandals. Through pine forests, and all sorts.
Then realised we were a bit tired, so as we passed a bus stop, my girlfriend convinced me we should get the bus back to our hotel.
Spot on time, a bus appeared.

Back in town, we discovered another area where our hotel is ripping us off, by visiting an Internet cafe. They charged €1 for an hour (our hotel is €8 an hour), and apologised repeatedly about the slow speed, but that they had a line fault at the moment.
It was much faster than my home broadband ever is.

For dinner, in amongst the normal food of the all-you-can-eat buffet was “squid rings”. They’re like onion rings, but in the middle is octopus.
I took one.
It’s like a bad cod, which is also incredibly chewy. Not very nice at all.
Not horrible enough to be vomit-inducing, but unpleasant enough I couldn’t finish it.

We retired to our room to watch .nova – a Spanish tv channel.
They love their soaps. There’s loads of them, and if you think Eastenders is violent and depressing, you’ve clearly never seen La Tormenta.
In the space of 10 minutes of this, it went from a couple having sex, to a group of cowboys torturing and beating a man to within an inch of his life. And it starts at 19:30. We switched over when they started removing his fingers, one-by-one.