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Submission Technology / Netflip and Spam

A while ago, I started receiving emails from newsletter@netflip.co.uk. Google marks every one as spam, but that still means they go to my spam folder. Because the company they’re apparently from changes every time (but they’re always from the address – newsletter@netflip.co.uk), it makes it hard to see at a glance if it’s more Netflip junk without opening. Gmail lets me filter them straight to the bin, but then they’re not being put in spam, so presumably don’t work to improve the system, or whatever.

I imagine they got my email address from me being a member of a discount website called GreasyPalm that they own (years and years ago, I’m pretty sure I no longer have an account). I’ve tried to unsubscribe, which doesn’t work. It says it does, then the next day, more spam cometh. Continue reading Submission Technology / Netflip and Spam