Building a pond – day 1

“Pondbuild – almost live”?
I need a better name for this.

I’ve been pondering a pond since I lived in my old house. I’ve just moved house about 6 weeks ago, and thought I saw a frog in the street (cul-de-sac) recently. My suspicions were confirmed, sadly, by a dead frog squashed flat after being run over, a few days ago.
Our garden was a bit too square, with patchy grass and waterlogged, so me and my girlfriend decided to do something about this, and also put some trees, bushes, and vegetables in.
When the landlady found out what we were planning, she insisted on giving us some money to help out with this, and coupled with the frog I’d seen recently, we decided to build a pond.

There will be no fish, as they’ll only attract more cats. Plus fish are really dull, aren’t they?
My girlfriend said she only really liked tropical fish (so can’t go outside), and having them indoors would make the place look like a dentist waiting room.

So instead, I’m going for frogs, plants, and rocks.


They say that farming contributes to global warming, due to the high levels of methane produced. It’s all true.
After an hour of digging with a spade and all that bending over, I can tell you that the level of gaseous emissions in my garden had at least doubled.

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