Nokia and Microsoft

Fair play to Nokia.

What a startup jingle they will have.
What a startup jingle they will have (Pic from

Yeah, you read right. I’m backing Nokia on this.
A few days ago, there was a leaked memo doing the rounds, from Stephen Elop at Nokia, which many have passed debate on already.

Essentially, Nokia (who used to practically own the entire mobile market) aren’t selling as many handsets as they’d like, and this is largely because the market share of new so-called ‘smartphones’ is split between Apple’s iPhone, RIM’s Blackberry, and various handsets running Google’s Android operating system.

Some areas of the press have suggested that Stephen was slagging off his own company, and questioning why he would do such a thing.
I didn’t really read it as slagging – more as a reality check.
Isn’t it much better that Nokia realise they’re not selling the numbers they hoped, rather than just continuing to sell what we – the people – don’t want?

This is progress, surely?
In the last 24 hours, Nokia have announced that they will join forces with Microsoft.
Again, this has been panned.
But why shouldn’t they?
Microsoft might not have the best track record of mobile operating systems, but there’s no good reason why not.

While I prefer to use a Mac as my own computer, there are many millions of people using Windows desktops and getting things done.
Windows Mobile 7 (the operating system to be used on Nokia handsets) has actually had positive reviews.

A few years ago, Apple came from nowhere to make their first mobile device, and got it right. People bought it. A lot of people loved it.
If Nokia make a good phone, and Windows mobile 7 works, then people might just buy it.
Good for Nokia.

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