This week’s bullshit job offer

Two days ago, I received this email at 8:48pm.

Subject: Find new work

“Good day.

We have found your resume on the site and paragoned your details with the demands
we take into consideration when looking for our staff. We are pleased to say that you correspond totally to
the vacancy we are offering right now.

The Nestrex Company has opened a well paid job offer with flexible working schedule.

Location: The UK

If you are seek a part-time job, please write us to:
Short resume attached is recommended.

Sincerely yours,

Sandra Moore”

I am on Jobsite. Hmm. Maybe this is genuine? Paragoned my details? There’s a series of words I’ve never seen in that way before. “If you are seek a part-time job, please write us”. What are they teaching kids in schools these days?

At 8:55pm, I received this second email.

Subject: Great career opportunities


We have found your CV on the site and compared your information with the demands
we take into consideration when searching for our staff. We are pleased to say that you are in line with
the vacancy we are offering right now.

The Nestrex Company has opened a well paid job offer with flexible working time-table.

Location: The United Kingdom of Great Britain

If you are looking for a part-time job, please write us to:
Short CV attached is recommended.

Have a happy day,

Sandra Moore”

Curiously, almost identical, but with subtle differences. I’ve highlighted the different bits in red (it was all black as normal to start with, except her name which was grey/faded in both). It’s hard not to be disappointed, that in the space of 7 minutes, I’ve gone from “correspond totally” to just plain old being “in line with” the vacancy. I was having a happy day until I got your second email, Sandra.

Weirdly, the second email is written better in some areas, and worse in others.

I’ve checked out their website, and looks like they’ve created a nice gallery of stock images. Although a lot by that one poor bloke in the suit, who has been utilised on every page.

The entire site is written like an exercise in management bullshit speak, and the careers page has something which sounds dodgy as hell.

“Customer Manager

We sometimes have clients that owe us funds and pay us in financial Instruments cashable only in the local area. We therefore employ Customer Manager who can control the payment of our customers from your area. The responsibilities of work included compiling monthly reports on the overall turnover of funds, sending documents on each transfer”

I’ve copied that, as-is. Capital I on “Instruments”, and it really does end in what looks like the middle of a sentence. I know I’m not the king of grammar, but they’ve got a corporate website with only 7 pages, which they don’t seem to have carried out even a basic spellcheck, on.
“Pay us in financial instruments, cashable only in the local area”. I don’t even know what that means, and yet it sounds dodgy.

Also, for a company that prides itself on research of some kind, they’ve not researched the name “Nestrex” very well, which it seems is a brand name for vitamin B6 tablets. Nice try, scammers.

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  1. Hi there, I received the same thing and thought it sounded rather dogey so have been trying to research the company but cant find anything which seems odd. Is this definetly a scam? Also, they sent me a copy of the job description which explains having to have money transferred from customers accounts into your own? You cant get more dogey than that I guess?


    1. Hi Kylie

      Here’s the whois record for the domain.


      Domain name: NESTREX.NET

      Created On: 12/27/2010 5:27:20 PM
      Last Updated On: 12/27/2010 5:27:20 PM
      Expiration Date: 12/27/2011 5:27:20 PM

      Registrar: PAKNIC (Pvt.) Limited []
      Domain Status:

      Registrant Name: Daniel Hayner
      Registrant Organization: NA
      Registrant Street1: 1540 Savannah Highway
      Registrant Street2:
      Registrant City: Charleston
      Registrant State/Province: South Carolina
      Registrant Postal Code: 29407
      Registrant Country: US
      Registrant Phone: 1.843766626
      Registrant Phone Ext.:
      Registrant FAX: 1.
      Registrant Email:
      Admin Name: Daniel Hayner
      Admin Organization: NA
      Admin Street1: 1540 Savannah Highway
      Admin Street2:
      Admin City: Charleston
      Admin State/Province: South Carolina
      Admin Postal Code: 29407
      Admin Country: US
      Admin Phone: 1.843766626
      Admin Phone Ext.:
      Admin FAX: 1.
      Admin Email:
      Billing Name: Daniel Hayner
      Billing Organization: NA
      Billing Street1: 1540 Savannah Highway
      Billing Street2:
      Billing City: Charleston
      Billing State/Province: South Carolina
      Billing Postal Code: 29407
      Billing Country: US
      Billing Phone: 1.843766626
      Billing Phone Ext.:
      Billing FAX: 1.
      Billing Email:
      Tech Name: Daniel Hayner
      Tech Organization: NA
      Tech Street1: 1540 Savannah Highway
      Tech Street2:
      Tech City: Charleston
      Tech State/Province: South Carolina
      Tech Postal Code: 29407
      Tech Country: US
      Tech Phone: 1.843766626
      Tech Phone Ext.:
      Tech FAX: 1.
      Tech Email:
      Name Servers:

      1. Thanks woodsy.
        I hadn’t done a whois, but I had looked for information, and found very little. Clearly this worldwide research consultancy, isn’t – or there would be information about them, elsewhere.

        It seems odd that anyone based in South Carolina would choose to host in Russia….given how good US hosting is. Says they’ve got something to hide, maybe.. to me.

        1. Ben

          This just gets dodgier: I saw from the Nestrex website that they claimed to have a European office in London. However, a quick search of Companies House revealed they’re not registered with CH as a limited company.

  2. The third mail….

    Dear Ajith,

    In order to verify age and identity we require a scanned image of your
    driver’s license or passport. Please scan a new image that clearly and
    sharp shows the complete driver’s license or passport. You may also
    use a digital camera/web camera.

    Fill out “Employment Agreement” electronically, then print and sign it
    by hand.

    Send all necessary to my e-mail or FAX: +1-(347)-368-2303

    I’ll be waiting for your reply

  3. Ah! I’m glad I’m not the only person who has received this Nestrex email. I was immediately suspicious due to the use of the word “paragoned”, (what that?!), so I then looked at the website, which tells you NOTHING about what their work involves, and who their management are. I managed to find where they were based in London but nothing more. That guy on the website photos doesn’t look as though he’s actually doing anything except posing: he certainly doesn’t look as if he’s working!
    But what REALLY led me to delete the email was that this Sandra Moore geezer said they knew about my work circumstances…but they still wanted me to send them my CV…yeah, right. I think this company may have infiltrated the “” website to get my basic details.
    DELETE, like you have never deleted before, then run a virus scan!

    1. Haha. I hadn’t even noticed the fact they say they’ve seen your CV, and yet ask you to email it. Good spot. Could be a totaljobs infiltrate, as I’m probably on that too.

  4. i received the same mail…i should have read this site first…now i sent them a scanned copy of my passport..what can they do with it?? Some one help me out.

  5. I recieved this exact same scam.. in the end they ask for all your bank information… I didn’t give it them obviously.

    I can’t believe I didn’t realise it was a scam straight away as I sent a scan of my provisional license.. oh well pretty sure that can’t give them too much info..

    1. The next comment they say to you after you say no to the bank account details is,

      Dear Claire,

      Do not worry. We do not want to have access to your account. You can
      open the new account for work in our company.

      Best regards,
      Sandra Moore


      New York: +1-(347)-983-9608
      Fax: +1-(347)-368-2303
      London (Tel/Fax): 020 3286 6264

      1. Open a new bank account to work for them? Haha. As far as I understand it, some banking institutions insist you receive wages into one of their own accounts (friend who worked for a bank a few years ago, told me), but other than that – that sounds dodgy as hell.

  6. Hi guys, I too received an email and had a suspcion after reading poor grammar and sentences! I asked for the number of hours and hourly pay twice but no reply. Third time, I asked some questions regarding the job description and here’s the detailed description of what they sent:

    We will be billing our customers. You will have to collect payments
    from customers in your country. About the collecting of the money from
    customers is this done via your own bank account. You will have to
    collect payments from customers in your country. You will be sending
    them to a supplier of goods/services using money transfer systems like
    “Western Union” and “Money Gram” and for that you will get your
    commissions. During investigations of the International treaties of
    the European Union, we have discovered a scheme which does not
    contradict any legal standards and allows us to reduce taxation by a
    transfer of funds to a physical person. Such system is very
    convenient. It’s been practiced for more than 3 years already. We
    offer 1350 GBP every month as a fixed salary. Your wages will be sent
    to your account. The number of positions is limited. It is a
    home-based job with flexible and convenient schedule. You can work
    from your home city. We require no more than two-three hours a day. It
    is an easy work and does not demand special training. You should
    follow our instructions. Our company is engaged in processing of
    payments received from our partners. We are looking forward to your

    I had a doubt and luckily this site rescued me before I send the passport details! Excellent help, Mr Ben! Keep up the good work! If I find any such scam jobs posted, I’ll add here!


  7. I’ve recently just had this aswell, unfortunately I have sent them my account number? What should I do, obviously I will block anything going out from now on!!! Worried tho, hope you can help

  8. I have had exactly the same emails, sent them my cv though nothing else. The poor grammar and ambiguous job description gave them away pretty much straight away, I look forward to hearing ‘Sandra’s’ reply after i basically said that the company look fraudulent and highly illegal! Stay away and don’t send any details! Somehow they need to be reported!

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