Chocolate roulade. #Success

Chocolate roulade. #Success by benparkuk
Chocolate roulade. #Success, a photo by benparkuk on Flickr.

And here’s another picture, that maybe might be better:

It looks like a swiss roll, and tastes like a very light almost-melt-in-the-mouth sponge cake. I didn’t get the cream very even. Probably could have done with a bit more. And I ate some of it with a spoon before it even reached the roulade (sorry). The recipe is one of Mary Berry’s, and is available on the BBC’s website: – if you fancy making one.

It’s quite an expensive dessert to make, especially if, in the case of this one, you use Green and Black’s fairtrade 70% cocoa chocolate, and Yeo Valley organic double cream. Was £6 just for those two ingredients. Still, tastes delicious, and it’s quite big. It’s designed to serve 8.

Second warning: serves 8. And it probably does. It’s surprisingly filling for something made from mostly eggs and air.