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Nook Simple Touch E-reader Update

A few months ago, I bought an e-reader. The decisions I made you can read about in that blog post, here. At the time, I suggested I’d be doing more reading, and also possibly hacking it to run Android apps on it. Since then, the price of it has dropped from the £59 price I paid (an apparent special offer), to what is apparently another special offer of just £29.

Anyway, a few months on, I haven’t hacked it, and here’s a few quick thoughts on it. Continue reading Nook Simple Touch E-reader Update

App.cat – iPhone app maker?

I’m a fairly regular user of Twitter. I’ve recently started following someone who tweets about curry recipes. Anyway, yesterday, he tweeted that:

Let me say right here that I have nothing against Mr Curry Guy. I’ve yet to try any of his tips/recipes but the pictures he tweets look delicious. The link he provided, really is free to download – so the full link to get it is http://app.cat/apps/81ae387e3a10c3044d0a6de441ca4d58

If anything, I was intrigued. Has he paid someone to code him an app? From his other tweets, it seems his son made it for him, but maybe his son is an app developer?

After looking into it in a bit more depth, I’ve discovered that app.cat is an iPhone app creator. It’s not entirely as it seems though, so I thought I’d write this blog post about it. Continue reading App.cat – iPhone app maker?

Google’s iPhone App – Ultimate Search Test

The Google Search App that is now available for the iPhone, lets you (among other things) take a photo of something, and search for it. I’m guessing the idea is that you can take a photo of the Eiffel Tower, and it will realise that’s what it is, because 3 billion other people have already taken the exact same photo and posted it on Flickr/Facebook/Twitpic.

Recently, I was out walking with somebody, when we passed a plant. I asked “what sort of plant is that?” and they said “I don’t know. Maybe some sort of rose?”

This gave me an idea for a test. Can Google’s Search App correctly identify things like flowers, which may not be identical? Well after the last month or so, I’ve taken some pictures to test it. Let’s see.

Continue reading Google’s iPhone App – Ultimate Search Test