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Gardening Update

My girlfriend grew these lupins.

Ok – so this isn’t the most interesting thing I’ve ever posted, but if anyone wants to know how my garden is progressing, here’s some pictures.

I meant to do this last year and forgot, really.

This year, am trying to do things a bit more professionally. I’m following the RHS’ iPhone app as close as possible about when to plant indoors or out, when to transplant from one pot to another, etc. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough, as it gives me regular reminders to do something (I tend to forget otherwise, and things can be a bit hit and miss as a result). Continue reading Gardening Update

Bright sunflowers

On the 11th July, I planted some sunflowers. Here’s how they did.


Ok, so some have been eaten a bit, and the tallest one is only about 4ft tall. They’re not going to win any prizes.

But, considering all I did was stick a couple of seeds in a plastic waste paper bin I got from Ikea, the extreme winds we’ve had (they’ve fallen over many times), several periods of torrential rain, they’re not bad.