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Making a pizza (sorta)

A long time ago, way before ben-park.co.uk was registered, and even before I had a badly-named website for radio stuff called BJSProductions.co.uk (Update – now known as parkandgardner.com), I started a blog about cooking. My intention was to cook things I’d never eaten before, and also, to eat things I’d never cooked before. It still exists, in a very-much dormant state, at http://mrfussysmarmalade.blogspot.com (Update: These old posts are now on this website. See: http://ben-park.co.uk/category/food/mr-fussys-marmalade )

Before I started that, I’d never cooked a spring onion. I wasn’t entirely sure what one was. I can follow a recipe, but I don’t know how to make much, and I’m also quite a fussy eater. However, I did discover some new foods I liked via that blog, including sweet and sour sauce, and fajitas.

Also over the years I’ve got a bit more environmentally aware. Only a bit. I’m not a proper eco-mental. I still drive, and I still eat Royal Gala apples despite the fact that most of them have been sent from New Zealand. But it’s quite nice that most of what I throw out each week gets recycled. It doesn’t go to landfill.

Part of the reason I’ve not been eating Tesco’s supermarket pizzas recently is that they come in polystyrene/plastic that can’t be recycled. The other reason is that they’re disgusting. Italian-style my arse.
Until very recently, I quite liked the Italian-style Sainsburys pizzas (Sainsbury’s did them first, and don’t think I don’t know that, Tesco, with your “NEW” products in identical Sainsbury’s flavours). Also, Sainsbury’s pizzas come on cardboard slabs, with cardboard box wrapping. That’s right – recyclable. Continue reading Making a pizza (sorta)

The allotment

Through ways that are too convoluted to bother detailing, I’ve got access to part of an allotment at the moment. Have done for a couple of months, but didn’t get around to writing about it here. Needless to say, someone was struggling to keep their allotment up to the standards of the rest of the members (because a whole allotment plot is absolutely enormous), and had to do something about it – so they’ve kind-of sublet it.

This is good, because this year, I decided to plant far more than would actually fit into my garden. I had runner beans, sunflowers and sweetcorn growing in pots, with absolutely nowhere to put them. Then suddenly, I did. Continue reading The allotment

Gardening Update

My girlfriend grew these lupins.

Ok – so this isn’t the most interesting thing I’ve ever posted, but if anyone wants to know how my garden is progressing, here’s some pictures.

I meant to do this last year and forgot, really.

This year, am trying to do things a bit more professionally. I’m following the RHS’ iPhone app as close as possible about when to plant indoors or out, when to transplant from one pot to another, etc. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough, as it gives me regular reminders to do something (I tend to forget otherwise, and things can be a bit hit and miss as a result). Continue reading Gardening Update